Common Barrack (AB)


The AB is free to use for open activities organised by people of Droef. For closed activities, or activities organised by organisations outside of Droevendaal, there is a rent of EUR10. For more information, pass by one of the members of the common barrack committee (ABC) or mail to algemenebarak<AT> At the AB Agenda you can check availability and all the current activities. Be aware that you will have to sign a contract and pay a deposit of EUR50 before actual use. 


To give you an idea of what activities are allowed, here are some short rules. Unfortunately we are not allowed to organise parties in the AB. Sound levels should also be kept in check, since the common barrack is close to several houses of both Droevendaal and our neighbours. Furthermore, the AB cannot be used as a place to sleep during the night. If you have any extraordinary plans, please discuss it with algemenebarak<AT>

Common barrack committee (ABC)

he ABC takes care of the schedule, contracts, finances, contact with Idealis, cleaning and lastly the household items in the AB. A thorough monthly cleaning is done by the regular groups using the AB (such as sports groups and DroevieMovie). Feel free to contact someone of the ABC if you have to add anything regarding these topics, or to send a mail.

ABC at this moment (December 2015):  Daan & Aljosha (69), Renske( 61), Pieter (35), Nico (53). There is a vacancy for chair /main responsable.

e-mail adress:     algemenebarak<AT>

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