Welcome to Droevendaal

Droevendaal (or Droef) is a shelter for students and PhD from different nationalities, who seek sustainability and enjoy living in a community☺ in Wageningen.  It is a student housing project of Idealis  consisting in 33 1/3 ‘barracks’ with  6 human  inhabitants  each and  (on average) 2,5 chicken and 1,37 cats.

Droef Map

This map is under construction 😉

Droef Map
Common Barrack 89/Henk 87/Topinamboeren 91/Boom 95/Casa Hong Fong 99/Rancho Relaxo 101/Barak Dur 103/Cat'astrophe 105/Snol in 't Bos 107/The last Homely House 31 33/Baradijs 35/De Koffiebarak 37/Petteflet 53/Moebarak 51/Camelot 43/Luchtkasteel van Heinde en Verre 39/Het Spijkerkwartier 47/Slot Droevestein 41/Droevendael Hoogh 61/Stenen tijdperk 69/Divine Sixty Nine 71/Nada consensus 65/Droefkonijn 81/Barakuda

Common Barrack

This is the Common Barrack, where most of the activities in our community take place. For more info and reservation, click here


This is "Henk", 89.


87, also called "De Topinamboeren"


This is 91 or simply "Boom".

95/Casa Hong Fong

This is 95, "Casa Hong Fong"

99/Rancho Relaxo

99, also known as "Rancho Relaxo"

101/Barak Dur

Welcome to "Barak Dur", number 101.


Happy times in 103, "Cat'astrophe"

105/Snol in 't Bos

This is 105, "Snol in 't Bos". The name refers to nearby hotel/restaurant Nol in 't Bosch; the Dutch word "snol" has a pronounced meaning.

107/The last Homely House

Here is 107, "The last Homely House"


Here is 31, actually just 31.


This is a "Baradijs", with the number 33.

35/De Koffiebarak

This is "De Koffiebarak", or 35: here you can buy delicious organic products, such as wine, chocolate and (duh) coffee.


Here is "Petteflet" with the number 37. Refers to a childrens' book, Pluk van de Petteflet, and thereby to the former housecat Pluk.


Greet "Moebarak", with the number 53.


This is 51, "Camelot".

43/Luchtkasteel van Heinde en Verre

43, or "Luchtkasteel van Heinde en Verre".

39/Het Spijkerkwartier

Here is 39 or "Het Spijkerkwartier".

47/Slot Droevestein

Meet 47, "Slot Droevestein"

41/Droevendael Hoogh

Welcome to 41, "Droevendael Hoogh"

61/Stenen tijdperk

Here is "Stenen tijdperk", barrack 61.

69/Divine Sixty Nine

"Divine Sixty Nine" with the number, guess what, 69.

71/Nada consensus

With consensus of "Nada consensus", here is 71.


This is 65, "Droefkonijn"


Barrack "Barakuda" or 81.

In here you find many green minds in a green space: a walk around Droef (let´s say in spring ) takes you along grassy road verges harboring many flowers, ditches and ponds, frogs that prevent you from sleeping when they are horny, bushes housing many birds and gardens with compost heaps and wood hedges.


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    About the Common Barrack [algemene barak]
  • mayor@nulldroevendaal.nl 
    For everything else

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