Droef Garden Competition 2011

Best Garden of Droevendaal Competition

After a long afternoon of visits and ardous hours of deliberation the jury has reached its conclusion. Although we can say many things about the gardens at droevendaal, we will limit ourselves to the most interesting observations.

We can notice some trends in Droevendaal’s community: the herb spiral is gaining popularity. Not surprisingly, this development coincided with the paving of the street in front of NIOO. The main foodstuffs produced are: red and black berries, lettuce, pumpkins, courgettes and sugersnaps (peultjes), which almost every house has. Hammocks are on the decline, and the quality of the ornamental gardens have growth potential. The jury was very impressed by the attempts to start a new vegetable gardens by heroic individuals for their entire house. The application of permaculture principles was impressive all around. Droevendaal is on the frontline of urban agriculture in the world. There is a large diversity of chickens and interesting chickencoops. Many gardens sport interesting and educative details, as can be found in the design of chickencoops, sitting places, tree-arcs, lighting and even a decorative hedge in the shape of an animal at 79! The jury found it very fun, educating and inspiring to visit all the gardens. We were enthused by other individuals joining us on our tour, and would recommend a collective sharing of knowledge in the coming year. Tip for lone individuals starting a new garden for their house: team up with another pioneer and work on both your gardens together to keep motivated and talk with advanced growers for advice. Only a few houses managed to get a perfect lawn, although some are more hidden than others. The fireplaces vary in their design and scale, some include barbecues and extensive stock of wood while others are using a barrel. All the houses are worth a special comment, but one house deserves an honourary mention for what it contributes to the identity of Droevendaal. In all categories this house was mentioned but didn’t win any particular category. Their vegetable garden, field and goats make 69 deserve the Honours Price.

Picture: Bart De Gouw

Honours prize
All videos are made by Derek Pan

In the category Chickencoop

the winner is: 101!
because of the beautiful new red chicken house and solid construction
placed 2nd: 59
because of their famous turkey and their well known sign of King Harry
placed 3rd: 67
because of their pleasant coop and their eye for detail

In the category Ornamental Garden
the winner is: 81!
because of their medicinal flowers, and their high potential to expand their ornamental garden in the coming years
placed 2nd: 61
because of their structural approach to planting flowers
placed 3rd: 93
because of the flowers hidden in the back

In the category Vegetable Garden
the winner is: 45!
because of their extensive production combined with a smart composting system convinced the jury to give them the first price.
placed 2nd: 87
because of the hidden vegetable garden in the back, wellmaintained biodiverse
placed 3rd: 81
because of their high production and early results

In the category Fireplace
the winner is: 47!
because of its completeness in atmosphere, wood storage and seating
placed 2nd: 55
because of the wood shed, the chandelier and atmosphere around the tulip tree
placed 3rd: 57
because of the small cozy halfhidden place, for intimite fires and romantic evenings

In the category Lawn
the winner is: 67!
because of its well maintained field, impressive in size and quality of grass
placed 2nd: 31
because of the grasfield in the backyard, a very open and nice place to sit around
placed 3rd: 33
because of well maintained field and combination of partly sunny, partly shady lawn

The other houses:
We appreciate the high diversity of ‘exotic’ plants and their philosophy of plant-hospital.
Scored good for the roses, the cabbage and the trampoline, didn’t excel in one category.
Has a well-constructed chickencoop as well as an enourmous stock potential of wood and a great placed bench.
Have a flamingo in the garden, the barbecue with the lever has great potential under that rust. Would be interesting to see what happens with the pool/pond next year (make a definitive choice and go for it!) Great viewpoint from the hill.
Great potential with the viewpoint overseeing the field, the vegetable gardens at the side of the house are a smart way of using limited space.
Deserves a motivational price for clearing a lot of weeds this year, as a set-up for next years garden. The jury is looking forward to seeing you in the competition next year.
Interesting experiments at the backyard, as well as two beautiful chicken coops with windows. Only owner of a fixed outside sleepingplace at droef.
Multiple lovable rabbits, very nice flowerbed, great potential in the frontyard. Have a fig tree.
You can clearly see the attempts to make a vegetable garden. With some help this can be a highly productive place.
Buxus-hedge cut in the shape of a pig. Extraordinary!
Is practicing interesting permaculture principles. Herbs growing in toiletrolls. Have a good nursery system for young plants.
A good example of work in progress, with willow branches weaving. Have a chicken coop roof of moss and a romantic ladder site.
Fields of mint, great herbal garden, their red berries are even sweet. Extra special mention for the grasfield where only a jungle was last year.
Strawberry field with bicycle wheels dug in as a border. The barbecue place done with bricks and using the coals made in the regular fireplace.
Can be characterized as a small but neat and efficient combination of vegetables and flowers.
Despite having a shady garden, they do manage to produce vegetables. Even have 4 or 5 different variaties of mint in the herb garden.

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