Window communication

Apart from email, social media etc etc. we often communicate internally by putting notes on each other kitchen windows. Some examples:

January 2020

Invitation for a party

Invitation for Greengroup related things

December 2019

Personalised invitation for a party; white C5/6 envelop, with marker; this enveloppe contained the small note, on paper with print (perhaps a small piece of wallpaper) with the text added with marker.


November 2019

Really typed personal invitation for a poetry night

Invitation for a party of 105 and 107; partly printed, but the colours seem to have been added manually.



October 2019

Personalised (per barrack) invitation for a party. Created with black marker and metallic paint on blue paper.

The Greengroup needs new participants

Hand written, each one unique. Invitation to join the Wageningen Pride

September 2019

Perhaps not visible on the scan: this was hand painted. Invitation to a party.

Call for Wageningen action