Practical Stuff

Droevendaal is a student housing project of Idealis in Wageningen. It consists of 33 1/3  'barracks' with 6 human inhabitants each and (on average) 2,5 chicken and 1,37 cats.

Want to live with us?

We have a system of cooptation, which means that the barrack with an empy room choses a new housemate (within the policy of Idelias, so basically you have to be/become a student in Wageningen or Ede). So, if you want to live with us, use your social network! Or maybe visit our physical billboard or our Facebook page. Keep in mind that every barrack has it's own way of living, like having a lot of parties or not, keep the house clean or not, being vegetarian or not, be very environmental friendly or not. Newcomers have often the wrong perception that there is one standard type of Droevendaler, and sometimes become disappointed once living here. Choose the barrack and housemates that fits you!


Caretaker: Eugene,  evmeeteren*AT*; 06-53643600.


Old paper can be put in the containers near the letterboxes.
Normal garbage in the big containers near the letterboxes.
Old metal,  etc you can bring to the garbage place near the entrance, but please do so shrtly before thay are picked up  (is announced internally)
Chemical waste:  Every house has a red container to collect it. But no good solution at Droevendaal level
Electrical stuff: should be brought to the municipality; we do have a Droevendaal waste disposal pass.
Plastic waste ('PMD'): Since November 2010, we have our own container, near the letterboxes.
Old clothes, textile, shoes etc. can be delivered at containers near Bornsesteeg and Asserpark.


Technical problems: ask the caretaker or -if urgent and outside office hours- call Veolia: (0317) 413643. Idealis will pay the bill.
Lost your key: ask the caretaker. Outside office hours you may call Dalkia, (0317) 413643, but that can cost several hunderds of euroos.
Internet problems: call XS4ALL
Heavy social problems inside the barrack: Idealis
Sound irritation from the Common Barrack: talk to the cause, if that does not help: call the police: 0900-8844. Long term: Common Barrack Committee.
Sound irritation anywhere else : try to speak to the cause, if that does not help, call the police: 0900-8844. For long term solutions, contact Idealis
Other problems: mayor<*at*>


As barrack, you can choose the new inhabitant of your choice, as long as he/she meets the requirements for student housing of Idealis (being a student in Wageningen of Ede). However, to make sure there is always a tenant, Idealis wants to know quickly if you are looking for a new inhabitant or not. Read the exact rules at the Idealis website. 

Internal rules


Except for moving stuff etc, park your car on the parking plot at the entrance of Droef or at the pilot plot near 37, not somewhere else. It is unsocial and forbidden by law. The police can give you a fine.

Chickens' decree

In winter time, the chickens are allowed to walk around freely. To protect our vegetable gardens, they should be in their run in spring and summer (exact date to be announced).
Anyway, because of the predators (e.g. fox, marten, polecat) it is advisable to lock them up during the night.

W**d regulation

Be aware that if you grow w**d, you are attracting crime and thereby making Droevendaal a less pleasant place for your fellow inhabitants. So:
- If you insist on growing w**d, do it in 'normal' quantities.
- Do it as hidden as possible (normally people come during the day to check where to find it and return at night to steal it).
- Be aware that with problems, nobody will hesitate nor should feel hampered to call the police. 

“Because Idealis is not really helpful, I thought I will ask the guys who should know best about the campfire issue and passed by the fire brigade today. The information is the following: If the level of wildfire danger is red or orange it is not allowed to make a campfire. It doesn't matter where, if in your own garden or at the Rhine or elsewhere. The level for the province of Gelderland (and everywhere else) can be checked on this web-page: (in Dutch). Making a BBQ is always allowed in you own backyard (not in nature areas) if you keep it save. ‘Keep it save’ means for me (as a former fireman) that one should use charcoal and a BBQ grill. Or in another way: Don't use wood and not your fireplace.” More answers to this question.

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