The Common Barrack

— Note: the following information is regarding the Common Barrack in non-Corona times —

The Common Barrack (“Algemene Barak” in Dutch), is the common space of Droevendaal, where open activities are organised, but also communal events such as the “Droef Meetings”.

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The AB is free to use for open activities organised by people of Droef. For closed activities, or activities organised by organisations outside of Droevendaal, there is a rent of €10.

For all current activities, and to check for availability, check the  AB Agenda page. Be aware that you will have to sign a contract and pay a deposit of € 50 before actual use.

If you have any extraordinary plans or for more information, pass by one of the members of the common barrack committee (ABC) / mail us at algemenebarak <AT> .


In here you also find many tools and assets to facilitate activities, listed:

  • Mirrors
  • Acroyoga mats
  • Yoga mats and sitting blocks
  • Sound system
  • Projection screen (wall)


Code of Conduct

While a lot is possible in this space, there is also a small code of conduct that guests and hosts are asked to respect:

Please DON’T:

  • No parties in the AB (in general, contact us to check the possibilities)
  • No sleepovers.
  • No commercial activities: Asking for a small fee for covering the material costs of an activity is OK. However, it is not allowed to ask for fees that cover the expenses of a commercial third party, such as for example a professional trainer or speaker. Events involving a commercial third party are allowed on donation base only.

Please DO ♥:

  • Keep sound levels in check: the common barrack is close to several houses of both Droevendaal and our neighbours.
  • Leave the space as you found it (and preferebly better 🙂 )