Books & Clothes Give Away Shed

B&C Give Away Shed in short

The give away shed is a communal place for sharing and redistributing treasures. In simple words: One’s trash is another persons treasure.

Action Plan Books & Clothes Give Away Shed 2019

You can contact Manu ( if you have questions or suggestions!

 Team: Arta (107), Lindi (51), Flaminia (99), Cecilia (37), Margriet (95) (needs updating)


  • Keeping the shed tidy will prevent people from seeing it as a dumping space for trash. Therefore, every week someone of the team checks the shed and reports in the group whether it looks tidy. When tidy: everything ok. When messy: we call upon the help of the team to do a quick cleaning session. When super messy: we call upon the help of the team and other community members to clean the shed.
  • We agreed the books & clothes give away shed is a place where people can share quality clothing, shoes and books. It is not a place to share things like blankets, duvets, furniture, pens, notebooks, and underwear; so whenever people want to share the latter things they need to find another way e.g. through posting a picture on Facebook.
  • To engage community members we make pictures before cleaning and after cleaning and post it online. We also post pictures online when we find weird things in the shed that don’t belong there like pillows, duvets etc.
  • When clothes and books pile up, we call Emmaus or Restore. We will also try whether it works to place one basket in the shed for broken/worn-out clothes. Whenever this bin gets full one of the team members empties it in the nearby textile container at the camping or Jumbo.

 Spatial plan shed:

  • Create more space by placing all bikes on the left side of the shed
  • Remove the wooden shell and place it at the backside of the shed, so people have to first enter the space rather than dumping waste just behind the corner
  • Create more space for books
  • Create more space to hang clothes on clothing hangers rather than to fold it
  • Place a bin for broken/worn-out clothing
  • Place a sign with guidelines
  • Remove the hanging drawers (the ones with bra’s/socks/scars) because they don’t function

 To do:

  • Ask bike team whether we can place all bikes on the left side, so the space for the clothes/books/shoes becomes larger → Margriet
  • Make a sign with guidelines (e.g. before you enter separate trash from things you would like to give someone; keep your blankets/duvets in your attic) → Arta
  • Find more clothing racks + a pawl we can attach to the sealing so we can hang clothes there + clothing hangers → All team members

Next big cleaning session: t.b.d.