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How beautiful is it that we live in a place which is good for us, yet also so good for all flora and fauna? Droevendaal is an ecological heaven in-between campus, meadows, cities and villages. Several endangered species of plants grow on Droef together with some special fauna. The continued involvement in the Green Group over the years has been successful in protecting this piece of heaven, making sure that the greens are managed according to the Droevendaal spirits.

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The Green Group plays a key role in the management of the vegetation in Droevendaal. In 2000, during the transition to the modern Droevendaal (Droevendaal history), the former inhabitants made a big effort to include an ecological management plan (see end of the page) for the grounds of Droevendaal. All the green beside the gardens is managed under this plan, which creates amazing ecological and recreational opportunities. In other words, it is a puzzle of areas for human use and areas designated to nature.

We employ Jeroen Carpentier, the ecological gardener, who takes attentive care of the monitoring and execution of this plan, in close coordination with the Green Group. By collectively participating in the Green Work Days,  the maintenance costs get reduced and we get to make some decisions and create initiatives that can further improve the ecological value. The Green Group holds the following responsabilities:

  • Communication channel between Droevendaal, Idealis and the ecological gardener.
  • Organisation of Green Work days in accordance to the Ecological Plan for Droevendaal.
  • Reference for green-related assistance and knowledge. (cutting down a tree, advice to prune a tree, using the Green Group tools, etc.)
  • Workshops about green management (pruning, chainsaw…)

We keep an eye on the nature areas of Droef and we facilitate inhabitants to cooperate with the management of the Nature Designated Areas. We organise the participative Green Work days, workshops or other little projects related to improving the ecological value of the Droevendaal grounds. We also attend a yearly meeting with Idealis and the gardeners. If you have a question about something that concerns the green, feel free to contact us.

You can know more about the green management in the following sections:

GreenGroup board Feb 2022

Simon81External communication (garderner contact person)
Susan81Internal coordination
Manu59Material & Tools
Internal coordination
Shevani81Internal coordination
Dani81Internal coordination
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Below you can see the tasks that the Green Group is commited to organise in the Green Work days and at what time of the year.


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