Compost heap instructions

For optimal use of the compost heaps:

Fresh material can be dumped as far back on the big heap as possible. There is a long plank on each compost heap that you can use to climb with your wheelbarrow.

  A bit more about the wood chipping piles:

Separate piles for wood to be chipped  are next to both compost heaps.   

These separate piles are placed left of the heap close to the pond. At the eastern end of Droef (compost near parking), this pile is placed on the right side of the heap.

Type of wood you should put on these piles:

  • The chipping machine can handle twigs and branches from 1cm up to max 10cm diameter.
  • Bigger trunks are fire wood.
  • Smaller twigs and brambles aren’t nice to chip. They can be put on the wooden wall in between the poles around compost heaps.