Green Group Tasks

When tasks need to be done, we make sure they are. For that, we motivate Droevendalers with letters and by going by the houses. Sometimes we use more creative ways. We always keep in mind how important it is to take care of Droevendaal. It reduces the living expenses, and it helps the local ecology.

In the last plan the agreement is that the Droevendaal collective takes up the following tasks, explained below the calendar (updated 2019). It is a result of the experience between 2000 and 2010. This agreement can change, we can do more and pay less or vice versa. But it needs to be done.

Some of the following information is outdated:

  • Remove invasive exotic plants. We have identified three plant species that threaten the Droevendaal ecosystem. They are the Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica), the Goldenrod (Solidago sp.) and the Common Hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium) During the season, small groups of people gather once a month to remove these plants and avoid them from taking over the place. But feel free to pull some of them out yourself. The Goldenrod is medicinal, so you could use it for tea.
  •  Remove grass and pose them on predefined piles. This happens after Jeroen has mowed. Either he or the Groengroep will guide you.
  • Remove the other organic waste posed at public spots by the gardener. This happens after either Jeroen or the Groengroep have cut back vegetation, possibly with your help.
  • Prepare organic waste for fire places. This is the cool thing of Droevendaal: we can burn stuff! Be the first and you will have a lot of firewood for the summer.
  • Clear the pond for 50 % once a year with a hook for 50 %. Small task.
  • Top all willows once every 5 years. Willows get topped in the Netherlands. This used to happen because we used the branches to make all kinds of stuff. Nowadays it’s a cultural thing, but feel free to use the branches!
  • Manage the common compost of Droevendaal in a proper way. This will be coordinated by the Groengroep.
  • Remove branches of trees that disturb the traffic. Keep an eye on the big trucks.
  • Keep trees in gardens under eight meters (except for designated trees). This is every houses own responsibility. You can always ask the Groengroep for help.
  • Keep Droevendaal waste free. We currently have no caretaker, so we are responsible for the waste treatment. Gather the waste on the streets if you find it. Besides, we have a trash removal system for those who join.