– What is the case? : Yes! There is a VOKO team that gathers the orders of the whole Droevendaal, places the order in the BD-Totaal webpage and takes care of organizing the delivery day in which everyone picks up their products in the common barrack.

– What is the system? : When the ordering date comes, you’ll receive an online survey where you can fill in your email and house number. After that, you’ll receive (in the mail you wrote on the survey) an online excel sheet in which you can fill in your order and know the total price of it. Finally, you pay for it via bank transfer and wait for the delivery day (Usually 4-5 days after the ordering deadline)

– Is the order done periodically? : Yes, every 3 months approximately

– How is this communicated? : We normally place a post in the Droevendaal inhabitants FB group and ask the communication-people to send an email to the whole Droevendaal.

– I have some ideas on these subjects and if required wouldn’t mind getting involved, who should I talk to? : The VOKO team mail is: droefvoko@nullgmail.com. We can take a couple days to reply sometimes but try to check it regularly. Alternatively, you can contact one of the VOKO team members (Carmen (31), Isabela (57), Jonathan (89) or María, (39) ) or place a post at the FB group if you don’t manage to get a hold of us 🙂