Useful stuff

Internal Running services at Droevendaal (Last update: May 2019)


  • Cleaning team : Malte, Momo, Inge, Agata, Noor and Teo
  • Droef Waste Disposal Pass: Marretje, 57
  • Blue waggon: Luc, 37. The waggon is at the shed between 71 and the CB, at the side facing the mailboxes; use your own key to access. Please put it back after use, and report flat tires etc.
  • Common barrack , stage: the Common Barrack team. Keys can be picked up at Barrack 69, Barrack 55 and Barrack 59, only after a reservation at the Common Barrack agenda . You can make a reservation if you are using a Droevendaal internet connection.
  • Books & Clothes Give Away Shed , a part of the big bicycle shed close to 35. You can access it with your own key. Please bring only usable clothes. Repeat: only clothes, nothing else! It is quite frustrating to throw away the trash of somebody else.
  • DroefProjector: Can be borrowed from 45, if you leave a deposit. Is never ever allowed to leave Droevendaal.
  • Facebook “Droevendaal Inhabitants”: The admins. You can only be member if you are actually living on Droevendaal
  • Fair-trade chocolade, wine etc : Barrack 35, between 10 and 10 if somebody at home
  • Common Grassmowers & Bushcutter : 103. Costs: €1.00 for a mower, €2.00 for the bushcutter.
  • High-pressure cleaner: 37 – thinking about at lending-out system
  • Water vacuum cleaner: 105 – thinking about a lending-out system
  • Greengroup Let’s give a home to wildlife!
  • Key for motorcycle shed : Long term: caretaker. Short term: 103
  • Partylights. 41.
  • Tenants’ representation, safety issues, DroefMail: Luc, 37 mayor AT
  • Droevendalia: droevendalia AT
  • Tricycle/bakfiets: can be rented at 45.
  • Voko (cooperative organic food ordering): droefvoko AT
  • Welcome packages for new Droevendalers (only fixed rooms): Luc, 37
  • Package receiving service: see BringMe, or AKO at Campus plaza. Please try to avoid delivery trucks driving around at Droevendaal.

Important contacts

  • Repair requests: Via the website of Idealis (in the login part, see )
  • Emergency repairs outside office hours: (0317) 41 36 43; Veolia
  • Problems with the Internet Connection: many houses: 020 398 76 66; XS4ALL
  • Not-emergency police: 0900-8844; all emergencies: 112