Want to live with us?

We have a system of cooptation, which means that the barrack with an empy room choses a new housemate (within the policy of Idealis, so basically you have to be/become a student or PhD candidate in Wageningen or Ede). So, if you want to live with us, use your social network! Or maybe visit our physical billboard, below or our Facebook page. Keep in mind that every barrack has it’s own way of living, like having a lot of parties or not, keeping the house clean or not, being vegetarian or not, be environmental friendly or not etc. New students have often the wrong perception that there is one standard type of Droevendaler, and sometimes become disappointed once living here. Choose the barrack and housemates that fits you!


House 31
House 33
House 35
House 37
House 39
House 41
House 43
House 45
House 47
Rooms for subrent during summer & permanent room from July (date not yet specified)
Last update: 2020-06-02
House 49
We have a room available from May till August, and maybe even longer!
Please contact us on stompingelephants49 *AT* gmail.com
Last update: 2023-04-20
House 51
House 53
House 55
Do you want to live with us? We have a subrent available from around the 25th of October 2023 until the start of January 2024 (possibly longer!). You can send an email to droef55 *AT* gmail.com, we accept emails until the 2nd of October. Please be elaborate, and send some pictures along. These pictures should represent you, but not have you in them because we want to do \"blind meetups\"
Last update: 2023-09-27
House 57
House 59
House 61
House 65
House 67
House 69
House 71
House 79
House 81
House 87
House 89
House 91
House 93
House 95
House 97
House 99
House 101
House 103
House 105
hit us up on 105.droevendaal *AT* gmail.com or pass by, room available from october till ~february, preferably female
Last update: 2021-09-08
House 107